Our mission is to expand tech-enabled economic opportunity beyond Silicon Valley.

Why BeyondHQ?

The next generation of companies will be increasingly distributed by default. With costs and competition for talent on the rise, companies will scale their teams outside of big tech hubs like Silicon Valley. From Omaha to Atlanta, from Phoenix to Columbus, and from Madison to Jefferson, cities and towns all across America are becoming powerful incubators of innovation and opportunity. We believe every startup, big or small, can benefit from this new reality. Expansion--as it stands today--is an inefficient necessity, especially for high-growth tech companies that need to scale fast outside of expensive markets. That’s why we started BeyondHQ.

We have decades of experience leading workforce and workplace expansion for companies based in Silicon Valley. We led expansion efforts across the country. We are building relationships with cities, states, and private partners nationwide to accelerate growth from decision to launch.

The future of work is unfolding, not just in Silicon Valley, but in the rest of the country. We are excited about playing a part.

Our Team

Devorah Rosne

Devorah Rosner

Head of Operations
15+ yrs leading workforce expansion & workspace strategy for companies from 10s to 1000s of employees.
Allie Meng

Allie Meng

Product Lead
Product at 5 B2B/B2C startups. Experience growing multiple startups and remote teams in a venture Incubator environment.
Madhu Chamarty

Madhu Chamarty

Founder & CEO
Co-founder/early at 4 enterprise software startups. 12+ years building & scaling sales & account management teams across U.S. & beyond.
Ross Fubini

Ross Fubini

Founding Advisor
20+ yrs as an engineering leader, investor, and startup/enterprise operator.

Where We've Come From

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